Every order is made by hand with careful oversight and workmanship in New York City, USA.

Many customers write and tell us that once they wear a Marquit bra, there is nothing else that fits as well, there is no other bra in the market with the same feminine cut, classic silhouette,  and shaping that enables them to feel so sexy and put together on a daily basis. We have customers who are wearing these bras for many years and have become collectors of every color and style.

For lingerie connaisseurs, Deborah Marquit lingerie is different than any other brand because fabrics and trims are hand dyed and each piece is percision-cut individually and sewn, nothing is mass produced. When you order a bra, it is cut from the lace in your size and specifically for you.

We pride ourselves in creating the best possible product and keeping our customer base informed of new designs and options as they are developed.

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