$ 35.00

Protect your investment. Sometimes you love a bra, and it has become worn out, broken or faded over time, and you want to keep it and wear it again. Choose from the following menu to select the type of repair you want for each of your Deborah Marquit™ bras.

1. Repair or replace underwire and underwire taffeta casings.

2. Repair or replace hook and eyes for a brand new set.

3. Add hook and eye extenders.

4. Repair or replace straps including metal components (ring and slide)

5. Dye dip to refresh fluorescents or any color to its former brilliance.

6. Taper bra to be smaller around your back.

7. Shorten straps.

8. Replace narrow straps with 1" wide straps for more support.

Repair Terms:

After you process your repair order, you will receive an order number and the shipping address to send your package.
Bras must be clean and free of perfumes before sending.
Please pack with your name, address, and phone number.
Please use a traceable method when shipping, such as UPS, DHL, FedEx, or USPS.

For questions about your repairs, or if multiple repairs are required, please send your questions to customerservice@deborahmarquit.com