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For the garments you've come to rely on, select from the menu above to refresh and renew your favorite Deborah Marquit bras.

For the same adjustment on multiple bras, or more than one adjustment on the same bra, enter the quantity to reflect all of the repairs you require.

  • Replace underwire casings and wires.
  • Replace hook and eye. 
  • Add hook and eye extender. 
  • Shorten straps. 
  • Replace straps.

Upgrades are sewn to match the color of your original bra.

When your order is processed you will receive a free shipping label via email to send your package. 

Terms: Bras must be laundered before they are shipped for Upcycle. Include a note or pin garment in the appropriate places for your adjustment. The amount of repairs sent must equal the repairs purchased.

If your bra was purchased from our online store within the last 3 months, upgrades are free.

Send your repair request to info@deborahmarquit.com

Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

Note - The materials and production techniques used in the Deborah Marquit collection are unique to the brand and therefore we are not able to Upcycle bras from other companies or brands.

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