Our priorities are fit, craftsmanship, and the quality of our fabrics. Materials are used for their beauty texture, and consist of easy to care for yarns and components.  Our product line is produced with careful oversight and meticulous attention to details. The manufacturing is located in-house, in New York City.

Hand-loomed laces, fabrics, and trims are imported from Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Thailand, China, and Japan. Materials include nylon, lycra, elastane, polyamide, cotton, silk, lycra, polyester, and rayon. Cotton fabrics are organic when possible. Hardware, brand labels, tags, and packaging used in the production are from the USA, Canada, Mexico, China, Germany, Italy, and France. 

Fabric remnants, paper scraps, and materials that remain unused after the manufacturing process are recycled.  Cuttings. scraps, excess threads, retired bulk fabrics, and elastic trims are shipped to our Brooklyn-based recycler, Fabscrap, and are repurposed. 

Packages and shipping are handled with the highest delivery standards via USPS, UPS, DHL, FEXEX, and by hand courier services.

Garment Donations
Our archival and retired fabrics are sent to students at The Fashion Institute of Technology. Finished garment samples and factory remnants,  and extra sample inventory are donated to homeless shelters, disaster assistance organizations, women's programs, and charities, including Good Will and The Salvation Army

Earth Impact
We recycle and repurpose the remaining fabrics and threads from our production process, including natural fibers, synthetics, and synthetic blends. Non-renewable materials such as metal, nylon, rubber, plastic, and polyester, are repurposed and contribute the circular economy.