Classic Leopard Print

Italian Lycra



by Deborah Marquit


"Every Client we have ever put into Marquit can't help but comment immediately on the cut, the comfort, the drama. Consistent comfort, faultless cut, shameless color, the result? We have put every client in Marquit."  

Kurt & Bart, Stylists

"Deborah Marquit...who does a lot of custom-made underwear bras, she designed some stuff for one of my tours, so she knows how to make underwear and bras that really fit me." 

Madonna, Harper's Bazaar

"The first bras that I have found that are both decorative and so beautifully crafted that they feel like second skin. I'm a huge fan!" 

Gretchen Mol, Actress

"There is nothing more chic than a drawer full of Deborah Marquit lingerie! There's always something in her line I need more than life itself. Fierce, classic, and dangerously sexy." 

Jennifer Solow, Author

"There's nothing more fun than showing a surprise of fluorescent pink or electric blue lace peeking out from your workout T-shirt. I love the courage of Deborah's colors matched with the flattering cut of the bras themselves."

Susan Sarandon

"Best bra in the universe, the only bras I wear...and I've got a treasure trove of them every color, every cup style."

  Wendy  Schecter, Stylist

"It is a little embarassing maybe, but I have bought girlfriends DM lIngerie for more than 20 years."

Garret Finney, Architect, NASA

"The best support, physical and emotional, in the most colorful can only be Deborah Marquit!!"

Selima Salaun, Founder, Selima Optique

"I'm wearing my amazing orange bra today, by the way! It's the only one I ever want to wear."

Sarah Laux, Costume Designer